Who are we?

We are a group of scientists and professionals whose mission and visions have strong supports from academic and industry leaders! With growing challenges in the field of drug discovery and curing diseases, there is an unmet need to establish communication and foster good collaboration among researchers working at Academic institutions, in Industries and in Clinic to facilitate their research findings as novel treatment strategies.

Mutual interdisciplinary collaborative interactions offer a great opportunity to accelerate the conclusive research outcomes and bringing innovations in the health sector. Our mission is to work together and contribute to the knowledge working for the development of NSC (Novel, Safe, Cost-effective) drugs. Our combined effort will allow us to address global challenges in the field of very basic to translational research.

Why Labs to Clinic?

Unlike any other professional networking platform, we are very specialised with our choice for connecting early career scientistsinvestigators, clinicians and leaders, working directly or indirectly for bringing innovations in the area of drug discovery research and improving patient’s lives. 

Networking and Publication!

We are a unique platform of scientific networking and Publication. Many significant research findings fail to get broader attention, mainly due to lack of convincing data, clarity, and visibility. We aim to give a serious consideration to creative ideas and novel hypothesis

We aim to provide positive feedback from scientific experts working at different aspects of Cell signalling and diseases. Upon satisfactory review process, we will make it available to the global scientific community. We want to promote science and scientific communications.

Overall, our efforts are dedicated to the science and society and our mission will ultimately benefit the lives of millions of patients suffering from various genetic, metabolic, infectious and immunological diseases. In long-term, we will raise funding to support small to medium research projects (with defined and straightforward experimental plan) to promote novel ideas and their translation for the making cost-effective technology and products.

Mrs. Usha Kumari
Dr. R P Pandey
Dr, Luis Coronel
Dr. Amrendra Ajay
Mr. Ashish Ranjan
Dr. Vijay Shanker