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Our Key messages

Everyone is unique in this world and come onto the earth with some purposes!

Only very few of us will be remembered due to our unique contributions to society!

LC career development team support the idea of training ordinary and young professionals, providing suitable working platform to witness their success and extraordinary performance!

As an employee, we need to make a difference to fly higher, in the corporate-space!

Our LC team is working to land you at the best career platform where you can learn, perform and grow. We encourage our members to write a new success story of the organization, you are working for!

With warm Regards!
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Career Guidance

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  • Science Communication Officer
  • Data Scinentist
  • Designer
  • Senior Research Associate / Scientist / Manager
  • Research Associate
  • Assitant Manager
  • Postdocotral Fellow
  • Postdocotral Fellow
  • Early career scientist
  • Invitro biologist
  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist
  • Research associater and Intern
  • Research Associate