Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Keyskills: Young professional
Salary: $ Not Disclosed

GE is hiring for Postdoctoral Research Fellow vacancies. PhD cellular biology and molecular biology jobs for

GE is hiring for Postdoctoral Research Fellow vacancies. PhD cellular biology and molecular biology jobs for PhD.

This role is part of the GE Healthcare Life Sciences Entrepreneurial Post-Doctoral Program: a venture to bring an entrepreneurial, business focus to scientific research.
We’re looking for a research with a scientific ability and entrepreneurial spirit to join our innovative team driving the development of world-changing technology. The candidate is expected to apply cell culture and protein biology techniques to promote better comprehension of the monoclonal antibody production process.

Essential Responsibilities will include:

  • Managing and expansion of mammalian cells
  • Performing cell cultures in high throughput platforms and bioreactors
  • Analysis of cell culture samples
  • Solving complex analytical Issues
  • Protein purification and analysis
  • Work using a multidisciplinary team of biologists, computational engineers and researchers
  • Publish papers and present at scientific/engineering conferences
  • Occasional travel to GE Healthcare’s collaborative Websites


  • The applicant should have obtained a PhD degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (or a closely correlated discipline) within the previous four years, have published in reputed journals, and also have the ability to demonstrate evidence of superior academic capacity and professional accomplishment.
  • Deep Comprehension of the mammalian cellular metabolic pathways
  • Knowledge of statistics and its application in biotechnology
  • Entrepreneurial Abilities, especially an appreciation of contemporary digital business models
  • Prior experience in a startup biotechnology firm is going to be an advantage

Desired Characteristics:

  • Knowledge of process control methods
  • Experience in high throughput cell culture assays, culturing cells in large scale, protein biology and mass spectrometry
  • Self-actuated, goal-oriented individual, able to thrive in ambiguity and able to work with minimal direct supervision in a mentor/mentee environment.

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